Professional dealership quality car maintenance and repair service in Tallinn

We are specialized in car brands

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • BMW
  • Seat


  • Amber Connect – new generation smart security and surveillance system

    Amber Connect is suitable for use in private vehicles, rental cars and company vehicles as a security and surveillance service.

  • Audi factory web diagnostics

    Diagnostic services for your Audi model are performed with diagnostic equipment which is in direct contact with the Audi factory and is exactly the same as used by dealers!

  • Air conditioning maintenance

    Air conditioning maintenance should be performed twice per year. We use the best equipment to fill and perform maintenance on air conditioners of all car makes.

  • Wheel alignment with 3D stand

    Estonian roads make the need for wheel alignment essential for your vehicle. We perform wheel alignment for all vehicles.

  • Chip tuning (Engine software optimization)

    Smarter software means more power and smaller fuel consumption for your vehicle, including heavy trucks.

  • Automatic gearbox dynamic maintenance

    Automatic gearboxes require maintenance after every 60 000 km. Flameko can perform maintenance on automatic gearboxes for almost all car makes.

  • Rim Restoration

    Driving with a bent rim is dangerous, uncomfortable and costly. We restore rims up to 26 inches using the best work benches in the world at good prices.

  • Diesel engine fuel system washing

    The uneven quality of fuel in Estonian petrol stations increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle and causes the engine to become sooty. We wash the fuel systems of all diesel engines of all car makes.

  • Renting additional equipment

    Roof frames, bicycle holders, ski boxes for all Audi models. Price from 4 €/day.

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