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Ravenol lubricants

Ravenol is a German brand that is highly rated worldwide for producing lubricants for the automotive industry.

The best lubricants are produced from beginning to end in the Ravenol production company Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb.

  • from development of high technology products to
  • practical testing and
  • real production and careful quality control.

The last stage ensures compliance with the high reputation of German products. Ravenol lubricants fulfil the current requirements of all major car manufacturers and the new standards being implemented in the upcoming years in Europe and the USA.

Flameko offers a wide selection of Ravenol lubricants and cleaning agents:

  • Engine oils for cars and trucks as well as agricultural equipment,
  • Oils for automatic and manual gearboxes as well as axles,
  • Hydraulic and industrial oils,
  • Anti-freeze and automotive maintenance products for all seasons.

Ravenol oils are also used under extreme racing conditions. Ravenol has proven itself in Estonian drag racing sport. In such races, engine oil is under maximum pressure and even the smallest quality problems would cause the engine to cease operating immediately.

Ravenol has never let racers or us down.

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